Powered Armour Suit and Weapons

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BOX SET TITLE: Powered Armour Suit and Weapons

SUBMITTED BY: Leland Erickson


Plastic, generic powered armour troopers ala Heinlein's STARSHIP TROOPERS *the book!*  By powered armour I mean a suit that looks like Heinlein's "steel gorilla" with a multitude of weapon options, a one-man fighting suit that isn't a Japanimation giant robot but a one-man wrecking crew like Johnny Rico's gang wore, not the namby-pamby sexy-chick-in-a-hardshell with a pistol some makers are fond of, nor the cheesy medieval knights with guns of others who shall remain nameless (but still the deserving butt of my gauss rifle laughing stock). I'm talkin' some nuclear-armed fusion-powered jump-jet-propelled on-the-bounce-go-wreck-da-place powered armour, playbalance and other prissiness be damned!

STARSHIP TROOPERS by Robert A. Heinlein ARMOR by John Steakley Numerous other classic science fiction tales and cover art from literature of the pulp era through the 60s and 70s, including but not limited to Poul Anderson's ENSIGN FLANDRY series, THE FOREVER WAR by Joe Haldemann, and others. My own sketchpad and art portfolio stand ready as well, at the disposal *in gratis* of Wargames Factory.


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