How much will shipping cost?

Our webstore pulls real-time shipping quotes from the UPS and USPS (United States Postal Service). To get exact quotes on what an order will cost follow these steps.

  1. Add the products you desire to your shopping cart.
  2. Click on the link to view your cart.
  3. Choose your country (the country you want your order shipped to).
  4. Choose a shipping option. (The available options are determined by your country and the weight of the product(s) you are ordering.)
  5. Enter your postal code (The zip/postal code for the location your order is to be shipped to).
  6. One or more options will appear below your postal code. The shipping cost will be displayed next to each option. This is the amount you will be billed for shipping.
  7. You can choose to continue with your order, or change the shipping option to explore other options.

US CUSTOMERS please note that UPS shipping also requires you to check if your order is residential. If you are having your order delivered to your home you should leave this option checked.