Box Sets Added to Liberty and Union League

19-Dec-2008 The Liberty and Union League has received such an incredibly positive response that we''ve decided to use the same concept to drive our box set releases.

With Liberty and Union, YOU suggest ideas for single 4" x 6" hard plastic sprues and the greater wargames community "votes" on those submissions by making $0-down pre-orders. Whichever submissions reach the 500 mark, we start to show work-in-progress sculptures and take your feedback, make changes, and get the sprue ready for tooling.

Like with the Liberty and Union League, we're putting YOU in the driver seat for our future box set releases. We've posted the first choices already! Choose the ones you're interested in and make a $0-down pre-order to show your interest. Whichever box set reaches the 500 mark we will put that set into production!

Please note that we are not taking suggestions (at this time) for box sets through the Liberty and Union League - but we may in future.

Click here to see the first four box sets available for "pre-order"!