Howard Whitehouse Wanders Into Wargames Factory

15-Dec-2008 Appointed Executive Washroom Attendant and Creative Guru

Wargames Factory is happy to announce that Howard Whitehouse has been appointed Executive Washroom Attendant and Creative Guru. This job title covers a multitude of duties, as is natural in a dynamic company in its early stages. Indeed, at this point there is no actual executive washroom.

Howard has been associated with Wargames Factory since shortly after its inception, designing rules and bringing his considerable industry experience and knowledge to the company. He has been active in the wargames hobby since the 1970s, and has worked in sales and distribution for Fieldbooks, Foundry and Amazon Distribution. He is well known for making much praised custom scenery, and for running spectacular, intensely entertaining wargame extravaganzas for absurdly large numbers of participants.

Howard is the author of a series of madcap Victorian adventure novels for younger readers (“The Mad Misadventures of Emmaline and Rubberbones”) and for such wargame rules as  “Science versus Pluck” and “Astounding Tales!” Currently Howard is developing a WWII squad-level game called Combat! for Wargames Factory, using a unique card system to recreate the sheer chaos of battle.

Born in Birmingham in the UK, Howard shares a rambling Victorian church manse with his wife Lori, many cats and books, and thousands of model soldiers in New York’s Hudson Valley.