Say Hello to "Might of Rome"!


It may come as a shock to some of you, but Wargames Factory will shortly be releasing our 6th hard plastic set (9 altogether!) that falls within the "Ancients" category!

As our catalog rapidly expands (in the VERY near future we have 2 more Ancients sets arriving to bring the total to 8/11!) we thought it was high time to ORGANIZE!

Our forthcoming Numidians set (28 ancient light infantry - swordmen, javelinmen, bowmen, and slingers - $19.95) will have a new design featuring the Might of Rome logo above.

Painted figures by Steve Dake - photography by Don Nelson. Figures shown from the Numidians and Celt Cavalry sets.

Might of Rome is our catch-all for a range that will cover roughly 100 BCE- 200 CE or so.

Currently, our sets include:

Ceasar's Legions - Late Republican Roman Legionaries
Celt Warband
Celt Chariots
Celt Cavalry
Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry

Soon, we will be adding Ancient German Warband and Ancient German Cavalry - previews coming! With several more sets in the design and/or tooling phase right now.

We will also be supporting the Might of Rome range with special metal character figures. The first three figures have been sculpted by Steve Saleh.

Babastus - the Celtic Druid - is available as a FREE figure with our Celt Army Deals: here.

Steve has also designed two very special figures - an Ancient German Leader and a Roman personality we all know and love...coming soon!