Sneak Peek - Viking Mini Shieldwall

04-Aug-2009 Andrés Amián Fernández has touched paint to plastic once again - this time we're showing off two Spear Danes who are (perhaps) getting into Shieldwall formation.

These figures show off two of the eight body types in this set (four in chainmail and four unarmored). The set features options for swords, axes (two sizes), spears (actually the most common weapon in a Viking army), and bows...with loads of helmeted, bare, and capped heads.

The Vikings will be released right on the heels of the Ancient German Warband and Ancient German Cavalry (and we've already started hearing about the conversion possibilities between the German and Viking sets!)

You can put down a $0-down pre-order within the Liberty and Union League HERE!

So, without further ado, enjoy!