Uncle Duke Approved!

02-Sep-2009 We had the great honor to spend some time with wargames legend Uncle Duke Seifried at Historicon this year and Uncle Duke had a chance to play around with the haptic sculpting device and the SensAble Freeform sculpting software. We sent him away with a few packs of Wargames Factory hard plastic miniatures to "mess about with" and he just sent us a note that I wanted to share:

I am quite impressed with the potential variety you offer your customers.  As one of the "original" sculptors of tin soldiers, I found it most interesting.  Many years ago Peter Guilder (Hinchliffe/Connoisseur) and I  (Der Kriegspielers/Custom Cast/Heritage) used to animate and individualize our castings for variety but we were both skilled in the ancient art of fine soldering which is no longer practiced.  You present this facet to your customers  without the need of long training and skill!  I salute your creativity.  The detail is excellent and the variety unlimited.  I was delightfully surprised to find a couple sheets of shield transfers as well.  After perusing your product in great detail I find I would be intrigued to form up antagonists to represent the Late Republic period with Romans facing Barbarians.  This is a considerable compliment to your work!
"I must confess I was very interested in your method of master preparation. Peter and I as well as Dick Higgs (Minifigs) created masters in a much more difficult manner which initially (before epoxy putty) involved soldering on chunks to a metal matrix and then laboriously hand filing or later using dental drills to shape parts of the figure. I wish I might have had your computer technology many years ago; it certainly would have increased my output and greatly simplified the process with a better result at conclusion.  This progress is to be praised and your staff does a fine job of implementing this new computer technology." - Uncle Duke Seifried

Uncle Duke in his "Wargames Den"

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure to meet Uncle Duke - or experience one of his MASSIVE extravaganza games - here's a bit about him:

Duke Seifried, at age 70 + remains active as ever as an artist, designer, sculpturer, painter, dioramist, model builder, product developer, game designer, writer, public speaker, musician, music arranger, entrepreneur and gamemaster — perhaps the greatest showman of our time for miniature adventure games, a descriptive he conceived to better describe the fusion of Kriegspiels (Wargames) and Role Playing Games.

He was the driving force in several firms in the early pioneering days: Der Kriegspielers, Custom Cast, and Heritage USA.  He joined friends at TSR (Dungeons & Dragons) as EVP during their heydays!  His service group, “Creative Concepts,” served a number of toy companies in product development and original pattern making for action figures.

His “EXTRAVAGANZAS”(inter-active miniature games/museum displays you can play on) have often been the headliners at Shows like Origins, Historicon, Gencon, and Games Expo as well as at countless other shows.  Playing in an Uncle Duke game is often considered the highlight of a convention for many attendees!

Duke has received the prestigious Scruby Award from HMGS (Historical Miniatures Gaming Society) and the coveted Hall of Fame “Callie” from GAMA (Game Manufacturers’ Association);  these and numerous other awards attest to the fact that Uncle Duke is one of the major pioneers and contributors to the success and growth of the Adventure Gaming Hobby.  He has indeed become a living legend!