Welcoming Lonnie Mullins!

03-Sep-2009 It's with great pleasure that we welcome a new member to the Wargames Factory team - Lonnie Mullins, our new Director of Sales.

For the next few weeks, Lonnie will be getting a feel for the business, calling distributors and retailers, introducing himself and gathering feedback as to how Wargames Factory can make the wholesale/retail experience even better.

Lonnie joins us with an extensive Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing background from his nearly 9 years with Games Workshop. At GW, Lonnie managed the most successful sales team as head of West Coast Sales. And, as the Marketing Brand Manager, was instrumental in reviving the flagging sales of Battlefleet Gothic in 2002.

"I'm thrilled to have been invited to become a member of the Wargames Factory team and look forward to working with both distributors and retailers to forge strong and profitable business partnerships. I'm very excited about discussing any aspect of the business that you'd like and help you to increase sales of Wargames Factory products, both existing and future release." - Lonnie Mullins

Well said Lonnie! We're thrilled to have him with us. We asked for a headshot so if you happen to see him wandering around in a confused daze muttering about sprues and multi-part plastics and 28mm - you'd recognize him and be able to get him back to us - so he gave us a choice! You decide!

See how happy Wargames Factory makes people? ;-)

Lonnie proposes giving one of these away FREE with every order. We're not sure about it as a sales strategy...

This is probably the best representation.

Welcome Lonnie!