What Next for Wargames Factory?

28-May-2009 The last few months have been a whirlwind as we've launched our first "go" into hard plastic historicals with our Romans and Zulu War British in late October - and then followed those up with Celts in March. March also saw the release of the first set to come out of the Liberty and Union League - Zombies!

We then came out with Celt Chariots in April and last week saw the release of Celt and Roman Cavalry sets.

Our next set - Numidians - will be out shortly and represents the highest level of quality we've been able to achieve thus far. In comparison with our first sets, we've been able to get deeper and crisper details in the plastic and are making them more "metal-like".

The sculpting team led by Tim Barry has also caught its stride in crafting a "house style" that fits well with many of the popular 28mm metal ranges on the market - but also takes advantage of the benefits of plastic and the ability to do more proportional figures as well as get much more fine detail on weapons, shields, etc.

So what next for Wargames Factory in 2009?

First, I'm happy to say that we have four new sets complete or "almost" there to release in June with seven others that are in the later design stages and heading into tooling for release starting in July. From the beginning, our goal as a company has been to release a steady stream of great hard plastic sets...and after some growing pains figuring out how best to do that, we are starting to hit a good stride.

In the early days, we had felt the best way to go would be to release sets on their own and -- since they were already designed to match up with the existing great metal ranges -- let you go out and purchase the appropriate metal figures to flesh out your armies around a core of plastics.

What we've learned is that people REALLY want to build their armies using as many figures from one source as possible (at least that's what we've been told time and time again!) So what we've done is started to concentrate our releases within compatible ranges.

Our first major range - i.e. the one with the most "stuff in it" -- is called Might of Rome. Roughly covering 100 BCE to 100+ CE, Might of Rome includes Romans and their allies and enemies for the period. So far we have Republican Romans, Celts, Celt Chariots, Celt Cavalry, EIR Auxiliary Cavalry, and Numidians - with Ancient Germans, Ancient German Cavalry, and some other surprises on the way.

The second range - Wars of Empire - includes our Zulu War British and soon the Zulus to oppose them. But this is a more ambitious range that will cover roughly 1700-1900 or thereabouts and we expect (given how well they've done in the Liberty and Union League) to be adding Marlburians into that "bucket" soon along with more Colonial-era sets.

The third range - Dark Futures - was kicked off with our Zombies! set - a set that came directly out of the Liberty and Union League. The science fiction category has been incredibly hot within the L&U and we're seeing several sets moving up the ranks quickly so the Zombies will be getting some interesting company soon.

The fourth range will be kicked off soon with two sets - and it's one we plan to support wide and deep because it's a period we all really love. You could say we have to do it because "fate is inexorable" (and that's a bit of a hint).

Along with going wider and deeper with hard plastic sets in these ranges, we're also partnering with some of the best traditional 28mm sculptors and metal manufacturers in the world to release complimentary figures. The first foray into this was the excellent Babastus Celtic Druid sculpted by Steve Saleh which is available as part of our Celt army deals. Mr. Saleh is hard at work on additional figures to complement our plastics and we're dying to see what he has in store. We'll be announcing additional metal figures soon!

We also have a few more products and surprises in the works - so stay tuned! And thanks to everyone who has sent in their notes of encouragement on the Numidian and Ancient German sprues. These represent an entirely new level of quality and detail and we're thrilled that the hard work we've put in to get us here is being recognized. Thanks again everyone!

All the best,

Tony and the Wargames Factory Team