Who are the Shock Troops?


For more than a century, The Commonwealth guaranteed peace and cooperation among the hundreds of nations and corporations in human space.

Forged in the dark days of the Bocofal invasion, The Commonwealth had united mankind and coordinated the defense of the human systems.

No longer.

Greed, corruption, and competition among nations and even ministries within The Commonwealth's own bureaucracy has balkanized human space into a myriad of rival factions. Civil war rages.

The Ministry of Defense, once the guaranteer of peace throughout The Commonwealth, has been usurped by a junta of senior officers intent on controlling Earth.

Shock Troops are the backbone of MoD infantry. Once bolstered by the armies of the hundreds of nations and corporations within The Commonwealth, the MoD junta has been left with these core units.

In the chaos of the collapse, dozens of Shock Troop legions have been cut off from the home systems while stationed light years away with no lift capability. Some of these legions remain loyal to the MoD, but others have either allied themselves with the local power, taken over locally themselves, or hired out to the highest bidders as high-priced mercenaries in one of the dozens of conflicts raging across human space.