WSS - Pose Options and Sprue Pics!

25-Oct-2010 Everyone has been asking to see the sprue for the War of the Spanish Succession Infantry set - so we wanted to show that off along with some quickly built figures using the separate legs and torsos to give you an idea of what can be done. Enjoy!

Two grenadiers (there are also short mitre heads)

Officer and musketeer from the earlier period using the larger, floppy hats. The musketeer has been converted by using the top of the sergeant's half-pike to create a plug-bayonet look.

Officer using the front sash torso (there is also a torso with a cross-chest side sash. Regular marching pose body on right - only the head needed to be glued on.

Pikeman for earlier period. Up to 12 pikemen can be made per box.

A different view of the converted socket bayonet musketeer.

These will be releasing in mid-to-late November and we have some great pre-order deals available now: 


Click on the boxes above to see more shots of painted figures and read a full description of box contents. This one is absolutely packed with options!