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This week, we want to tell you first and foremost about Celts! Zombies! Germans! Howard Whitehouse! and our new Forums among other things!

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  The Liberty and Union League continues to grow! We are woefully behind on the hundreds upon hundreds of idea submissions - but we are getting there!

In the meantime, we have had a LOT of movement on "pre-orders" for the first submissions. One (Zombies!) has moved into the design with three others close behind.

We are also launching three new lists (The Hit List, The Bullet List, and The Bucket List) for you to keep track of the highlights of the LUL -- see them here!

   We had launched forums to support the Liberty and Union League, but we weren't thrilled with the functionality of the forum software that was standard on our website system.

We've just found a new system that we really like and the new forums are now available here: Wargames Factory Forums!

  Howard Whitehouse Wanders into Wargames Factory

We are very pleased to announce that Howard Whitehouse has "officially" joined the company as Executive Washroom Attendant and Creative Guru.

Read all about it here!

 Tim Barry, the lead sculptor and Art Director at Wargames Factory, has been a naughty boy. He didn't tell us that he started sculpting a squad of Late War WW2 Germans in secret - until we saw the Work-in-Progress image on the Liberty and Union page!

It's fitting in that this one crossed the 50% mark recently, but we are still a ways off from the 1000 sprues needed to go into production. You can check out the WIPs here!

  The much anticipated Celt Warband Field of Glory box set is almost with us! Click here!

  The first Liberty and Union League sprue to make it past 500 (and actually over 1300 now!) is in sculpting and these are Tim Barry's first work-in-progress sculpts. Check them out here!

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