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Welcome to the second Wargames Factory newsletter - The Dispatch!

Each week we bring you the latest news, miniatures, and "happenings" from the Factory!

This week there's been a load of activity within the Liberty and Union League. Several submissions have broken the 500 sprue mark and sculpting has begun.  Not to mention the first set to break 1000 sprues is going through final sculpting tweaks to get ready for mold design.

Scroll down to see other submissions that are getting close to the finish line and hear about our future box set plans.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

  The Liberty and Union League is growing every day! We just broke out three new sub-sections -- Fantasy, Science Fiction, and 20th Century/Modern to hold all the submissions. So you can check out Orcs, Power Armour, and Armed Civilians! But meanwhile, the Ancients page is still the hottest in the League with the most submissions so far. Early Germans anyone?

We've just updated the lists as well (The Hit List, The Bullet List, and The Bucket List) for you to keep track of the highlights of the LUL -- see them here!

  We've been pleasantly surprised by the growing member signs ups in our new forums, but even happier about the loads of ideas and enthusiasm in discussing Liberty and Union League submissions.

Members are posting reference pictures and even their own concept art to promote listings within the L&U. The creativity and brainstorming is a sight to see!

Get in on the discussion here: Wargames Factory Forums!

  The Liberty and Union League has proven to be so popular that we have taken it one step farther (there are a couple future steps waiting in the wings as well!)

We now have a section where YOU decide which box set we release next. Check it out by clicking here!

We found out in the last issue that Tim Barry, the lead sculptor and Art Director at Wargames Factory, had been a naughty boy and sculpted a squad of Late War WW2 Germans in secret. In between bouts of Zombies he's been refining his sculpts. We'll have a lot to show over the next few days but with this submission already at 74%, we are close to having 28mm WW2 in plastic! WIPs here!

Check out the rest of the WW2 submission: click here.

The much anticipated Celt Warband Field of Glory set is being printed and we are just doing final tool adjustments to get ready to post pictures of the final test sprues.

Get ready to build up some massive Celt armies! Click here for the box set. 32 Celt Warriors with massive customization options for $19.95.

And don't forget to build out your Roman Legions! 48 figure Caesar's Legions box set for $29.95.

  The first Liberty and Union League submission to cross the finish line is Zombies! Over the last couple weeks we have been posting work in progress shots of the designs and taking your feedback to make changes. The figures are now just having a few design tweaks and getting ready to go into mold design. We'll be posting information on next steps with these guys very soon. Check them out here!

And don't forget these guy's better halves: Female Zombies. They're on the Bullet List this week - rising fast.

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