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This week we're excited to announce TWO new hard plastic sets have released! Also some "other" news! ;-)

Thanks again for all the excitement, all the emails, and all the support you've given in helping us launch Wargames Factory. We truly appreciate it!

All the best,
The Wargames Factory Team

  The perfect army to fight your Roman Legions - unleash hordes of wild Celtic heroes!

This 32 figure box set includes 10 sprues that let you create slingers, javelinmen, swordmen, leaders, musicians, and standard bearers with loads of extras!

Available right here!

  We're so excited to bring you the Zombie Horde! This was our very first submission to the Liberty and Union League to break the 1000-sprue barrier! We started designing the figures in mid-December, listened to your feedback, tweaked and added, and then went into tooling in late January! Out now! Click here.

If you would like to buy by the sprue - click here.

Each sprue features 6 multi-part Zombies with extra heads and arms for massive customization! Start your own personal Zombie Apocalypse now!

  The Liberty and Union League continues to take on a life of it's own! Several sets are close to or have just crossed the finish line and we have sculptors busy working away on them!

We've just updated the lists as well (The Hit List, The Bullet List, and The Bucket List) for you to keep track of the highlights of the LUL -- see them here!

  The forums continue to grow at a rapid pace with new members daily along with all sorts of great discussions on upcoming sets, Liberty and Union League suggestions, and more!

Get in on the discussion here: Wargames Factory Forums!

  Now that the Celt Warband is out, it's time for more Field of Glory hard plastic sets! We have THREE in final tooling right now and hope to show some test shots next week. All three of these sets will release in March!

We got a jump on the Liberty and Union League and started early (I mean, who doubted they wouldn't go "all the way"?)

Click here to see what they are!

(And the better news? Three more sets just went into tooling!)

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