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This week we're excited to announce yet another hard plastic set is releasing! This is a pre-release - which means we are just waiting on the packaging to be finished, but the actual figure set is available to order if you can forego the fancy packaging material!

Thanks again for all the excitement, all the emails, and all the support you've given in helping us launch Wargames Factory. We truly appreciate it!

All the best,
The Wargames Factory Team

  This pre-release set (without packaging) is now available. 12 horses and riders to create a Field of Glory cavalry unit for the Early Imperial Auxiliary Cavalry. Head options allow you to field a standard bearer/musician and a Decurion to lead your force along with plenty of extra heads and weapons to make troops carrying javelins, spears, or spathas (Roman longswords)! $19.95.

Grab the pre-release pack in our store here!

As we await the imminent release of hordes of Celt Cavalry - start building your Celt forces with our Celt Warband and Celt Chariots sets!

Celt Warband - $19.95 - 32 figures

Celt Chariots -  $19.95 - 3 chariots/14 figures/6 horses

  The Liberty and Union League continues to take on a life of it's own! Several sets are close to or have just crossed the finish line and we have sculptors busy working away on them!

We've just updated the lists as well (The Hit List, The Bullet List, and The Bucket List) for you to keep track of the highlights of the LUL -- see them here!

  In just 3 months, the forums have become a literal bee-hive of activity where we've just broken over 3500 posts!

Get in on the discussion here: Wargames Factory Forums!

  The Celt Cavalry is almost with us - we had a chance to add in some extra bits on the sprue and felt it would be worth the time!

We are also just about finished with 3 brand new Field of Glory sets that should be with us in April.

Not to mention the long-awaited "farsands"...

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