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This week we're excited to announce not one, but TWO new hard plastic sets! It's Cav Week at Wargames Factory with both Roman and Celt Cavalry ready to charge into action!

Thanks again for all the excitement, all the emails, and all the support you've given in helping us launch Wargames Factory. We truly appreciate it!

All the best,
The Wargames Factory Team

  Now shipping! This set features 12 horses and riders to create a Field of Glory unit of Early Imperial Auxiliary Cavalry. Head options allow you to field a standard bearer/musician and a Decurion to lead your force along with plenty of extra heads and weapons to make troops carrying javelins, spears, or spathas (Roman longswords)! $19.95.

Grab this new set in our store here!

  This set features 12 multi-part hard plastic horses and 24 riders! You receive both armored and unarmored riders in order to create even Light or Heavy Celt Cavalry Battle Groups! Plenty of heads, shields, weapons, standards, etc to totally customize your forces! Only $19.95.

Grab this new set in our store here!

Now that the Celt Cavalry is available, we've created 3 new Celt Army Deals combining the Cavalry, Warband, and Chariots - along with a special metal figure by renowned sculptor Steve Saleh! Check them out here!

All these sets save you between $10 and $60 and automatically get FREE worldwide shipping!

Boudica's British Warband
Cassivellaunas Rolling Thunder Warband
British Nation Army Deal

  The Liberty and Union League continues to take on a life of it's own! This has been L&U week with the sculptors and we'll be posting up several sculpts to show off sets that have crossed the finish line and are almost ready for production!

See what's happening with The Hit List, The Bullet List, and The Bucket List  -- see them here!

  In just 4 months, the forums have become a literal bee-hive of activity where we've just broken over 8,000 posts!

Get in on the discussion here: Wargames Factory Forums!

  We don't like having you wait too long for new hard plastic releases. So give us a week or so and the next one will be revealed!

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