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Lots happening at Wargames Factory this week! The Numidians and Zulus are now available as individual sprues with the full sets coming along shortly!  We also have two other sets to release in June - more on those soon!

Thanks again for all the excitement, all the emails, all the forum and blog activity, and in general all the support you've given in helping to launch Wargames Factory! We truly appreciate it!

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The Wargames Factory Team

Available now! This set features 12 multi-part hard plastic horses and 24 riders! You receive both armored and unarmored riders in order to create even Light or Heavy Celt Cavalry Battle Groups! Plenty of heads, shields, weapons, standards, etc to totally customize your forces! Only $19.95.

Grab this new set in our store here!

One of the most highly customizable sets we've created - now available as individual sprues with the full set coming soon!

Sprue #1 features four ancient light infantry bodies and a huge number of arms: $3

Sprue #2 features heads, shields, weapons, standards, and more for maximum customization! $2

Now Available! Our long awaited (Sorry! but we wanted to do these right!) Zulus!

The full set will be out soon, but in the meantime the individual sprues are available in the online store:

Sprue #1 - 5 warrior bodies and loads of arm options: $4

Sprue #2 - Chock full of parts: married and unmarried heads, weapons, shields, and lots of extras to totally customize your Zulus: $2

We've come a long way since launching the Romans at the end of October with 9 hard plastic sets out now and another 2 coming in where are we going next? This little article will fill you in... have a look here!

All painted figures in this newsletter by the talented Mr. Steve Dake with photography by Don Nelson! Thanks guys!

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