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There's so much going on - it's hard to decide what to put in the email! Check out the entries below for the latest releases and "happenings" at the Factory.

For those of you who enjoy a peek behind the scenes, we can share that Sprue 014 is making the rounds in house now and everyone who has seen the test shots is smiling. We've been working hard these last several months to make the very best hard plastic figures available - and Sprue 014 is a milestone for Wargames Factory. The level of detail is EXTREME, the mold lines aren't even visible, and we think you're going to absolutely LOVE these figures...not to mention the subject matter! But more on that later...

As always, thanks so much for your support! We truly appreciate you!

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Tony and the Wargames Factory Team

Say "Hello" to Might of Rome! It might be hard to believe - but since last October we've released 9 hard plastic sets! The newest one - coming in about 2 weeks - is Numidians.

Six of the nine fall under the "Ancients" category - so we're unveiling a new catch-all for Ancients - Might of Rome featuring the snazzy logo designed by artiste extraoridnaire Andrew Saffron.

Two more box sets will be coming VERY soon for the Might of Rome range - stay tuned!

One of the most highly customizable sets we've created - now available as individual sprues with the full set coming soon!

Sprue #1 features four ancient light infantry bodies and a huge number of arms: $3

Sprue #2 features heads, shields, weapons, standards, and more for maximum customization! $2

Now Available! Our long awaited (Sorry! but we wanted to do these right!) Zulus!

This set features 30 hard plastic multi-part Zulu Warriors with options to make both married and unmarried warriors. There are also extra head options to create Indunas (leaders). Assegais, throwing spears, muskets, knobkerries, capturied Martini-Henry rifles, shields, and loads of extra options! Only $19.95 for 30 figures!

Get them at your favorite local or Web-based game shop or in our online store here!

The second set to break 1000 pre-orders in our Liberty and Union League - 6mm SF Androids (Deathbots as John Bear Ross called them when he digitally sculpted them) are completely designed.

To move them into tooling, we just need a few more $1 down/sprue commitments. If you're ready to unleash your 6mm hordes, click here!

Painted figure credits: Zulus at top: Michael Farnworth. Numidians and Zulu on packaging: Kirill Zhilkov.

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