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Our 9th hard plastic set (since October 2008) is getting packaged and ready for release the week of July 20th - Numidians! (#s 10 and 11 coming soon - and #12 just wrapping up!)

These highly-customizable figures can be used as enemies or allies of Ancient Rome and fall within our Might of Rome range. Outfitted with bows, slings, javelins, and swords - the set allows for helmeted or bare-headed figures, has leader, musician, and standard bearer options to make your command elements - and are equipped with loads of options.

By their nature as Mediterranean light infantry, these figures can be customized to create literally dozens of armies from the Ancient World into the Middle Ages! We'll be announcing a contest soon in conjunction with Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine to see what YOU can come up with!

As always, thanks so much for your support! We truly appreciate you!

All the best,

Tony and the Wargames Factory Team

Now taking pre-orders! Shipping the week of July 20th!

Click here for this super-customizable set:

WGF-FG006 - Numidians - Ancient Light Infantry - 14 sprues/28 total figures - $19.95!

It's not how many Zulus you's how many you NEED! The new Zulu army deal has been flying off the virtual shelves and we can't wait to see all the armies being built!

You get 12 packs of 30 hard plastic multi-part Zulu Warriors with options to make both married and unmarried warriors. There are also extra head options to create Indunas (leaders). Assegais, throwing spears, muskets, knobkerries, capturied Martini-Henry rifles, shields, and loads of extra options! Only $199 for 360 figures (55 cents each!)
Automatic free shipping worldwide.

Get your Zulu Army HERE!

Originally, these Celt army deals were set to expire after a limited time, but they've proven so popular - and EASY to build a quick Field of Glory or Warhammer Ancients army - that we decided to keep them "alive" in the online shop.

Scroll down on this page to see all 3!

Some of you have already received some surprise Ancient German sprues in your orders - there are two unique sprues for the Ancient German Warband and a rider and horse sprue for the Ancient German Cavarly...but the rest of you don't have long to wait!

Coming soon...along with a special metal figure by Steve Saleh!

Stay tuned!

We're SO excited to bring this next hard plastic set out in August. It represents not only a new range for Wargames Factory, but also represents the very best work so far with exceptional detail and an awesome assortment of parts on the 3 sprues that make up this set.


Painted figure credits: Numidians at top, Celts, Ancient Germans: Steve Dake. Numidians and Zulu on packaging: Kirill Zhilkov.

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