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We're on the way to Historicon! Everyone who attends the show will be receiving TWO sprues of Numidian Ancient Light Infantry - 4 super customizable 28mm hard plastic figures! Just stop by our booth right outside Registration on the first floor of the Host (we're actually in the bar!)

Along with free hard plastic figures, we also have some sneak previews of upcoming sets and sprues - samples of painted figures - our brand new (still warm from the casting machine) Steve Saleh metal figures - and a smiling Howard Whitehouse to answer your every question!

Not to mention - Tim Barry will be on hand with his computer and Freeform device to demo how we sculpt our figures digitally. Stop by to check it out! More below.

As always, thanks so much for your support! We truly appreciate you!

All the best,

Tony and the Wargames Factory Team

Our friends at Triangle went above and beyond and have packed up a LOAD of Numidians this week (a full week ahead of schedule!) So we are happy to say that these are shipping out! (Everyone who pre-ordered - yours are on the way!)

Click here for this super-customizable set:

WGF-FG006 - Numidians - Ancient Light Infantry - 14 sprues/28 total figures - $19.95!

Along with giving away about 12,000 Numidians at Historicon - we're also going to pull the curtain aside and let you see how we make our figures!

Art Director and Lead Sculptor Tim Barry is on hand at our booth (in the bar!) with his trusty Freeform sculpting software to show you how it's done.

Also -  you can enter to win a special Historicon-only contest - put your name in the hat to have YOUR FACE on an upcoming hard plastic figure! Come see us at the Host!

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine took a shine to our new Numidians - and how they lend themselves to being customized into dozens of different armies and troop types!

So we're having a little contest. Just take your Numidian sprues and turn them into SOMETHING ELSE - doesn't matter what - you can add whatever you want. Add alligator heads. Add laser guns. We're looking for creativity.

Check out the latest issue of WSS for details!

Not to be outdone, the equally excellent (notice how diplomatic we are?) Wargames Illustrated is featuring a 4-page tutorial on painting our Gauls!

Written (and painted) by the immensely talented Jamie Welling, the article features techniques for quickly painting your armies, painting stripes and plaid, and painting shields.

It also features one of the first views of our Ancient Germans as Gallic allies! Check it out in the next WI on sale August 1!

We're really stoked (can I use that word in 2009?) that our Forums are SO ACTIVE. Since launching in December, we've had over 13,000 posts!

A lot of those posts are discussions about Liberty and Union League listings - and the guys on the forums have started to do their own Pick of the Week for a listing to get some exposure.

This week's is Ming Chinese (both infantry and cavalry) - check it out here and support the cause!

Another view of one of the 3 sprues that make up this hard plastic set - releasing in August at GENCON.

We've given some of the test sprues to a few people (you can see them at Historicon) and what's surprising is how people are mixing and matching the pieces with the Ancient Germans, Celts, and Numidians to make some REALLY interesting figure sets.

And then, of course, there is eccentric Tony who has made Zulus in Viking gear.

Check them out HERE.

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