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There's a LOT happening this week, but we picked some of the highlights for you. The biggest news of course is that the Ancient German Warband is getting ready to ship and is now available for pre-order!

On top of that, we'll be showing off more of the Ancient German Cavalry soon and we're VERY excited to show some more previews of the Vikings.

All of these sets are by far the best we have done (so far) with ultra crisp and deep details and with the goal to move plastic figures as much toward a metal feel as possible. We hope you like them as much as we do!

As always, thanks so much for your support! We truly appreciate you!

All the best,

Tony and the Wargames Factory Team


Ancient German Warband - 30 hard plastic figures/$19.95 featuring LOADS of conversion options. Swords, spears, clubs, knives, bows - build an entire Army with this one set! (Cav coming soon too!)

Click here to pre-order! Shipping soon!


Here's another sneak preview at our forthcoming hard plastic Vikings set!

Click here to check them out and do a $0-down Liberty and Union League pre-order!

We've heard your requests and tapped the fantastic Steve Saleh to sculpt some metal command figures to lead your plastic armies!

The first two are now available in our shop - check them out here!

Michael "Mick" Farnworth has submitted an EXCELLENT step-by-step painting guide for the Celts including background history, paint color guides, and full references!

The 7 page PDF has already been downloaded over 600 times from our website (since Saturday!) - so hurry while supplies last (just kidding - it's FREE and ALWAYS available!)

Click here to check it out! Thanks again Mick!

We're absolutely blown away that since launching in December we've had over 14,000 posts in our Forums!

Join the conversation HERE!

Also, this week's "Pick of the Week" are all the 10/12MM submissions. Take a look here. Thanks kristof65!


Will sent us in some photos of his Zulu War British conversions as a popular SF army. Very creative stuff!

Check them out here!

Miniature painting: header image and Ancient Germans - Steve Dake (photography by Don Nelson), Vikings by Andres Amian Fernandez, Celts by Mick Farnworth, Caesar by Thomas AKA ZeroTwentyThree, and Zulu War British conversions by Will.

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