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We've been thrilled with the response to the Ancient German Warband set - it's literally flying off the shelves here! Thank you!

We know that there are many of you who are anxiously awaiting the Cavalry to go with them - and have no fear they are on the way VERY SOON!

Work on the Vikings and Saxons continues and they will be next up after the Ancient German Cavalry. We also have a special ONE DAY sale for you right now - check it out below!

As always, thanks so much for your support! We truly appreciate you!

All the best,

Tony and the Wargames Factory Team


Ancient German Warband - 30 hard plastic figures/$19.95 featuring LOADS of conversion options. Swords, spears, clubs, knives, bows - build an entire Army with this one set!

Click here to order!


Here's another sneak preview at our forthcoming hard plastic Vikings set!

Click here to check them out and do a $0-down Liberty and Union League pre-order!

It's 09/09/09 - the last time we'll see single digit dates until New Year's 2101! To "celebrate" (and excuse for a party!) - we have a special price of $9.99 on our Caesar's Legions 48 figure hard plastic set. Our very first set from last October!

Get the deal ONLY TODAY - HERE!

We had the honor of meeting American Wargames Legend Uncle Duke Seifried at Historicon this year and he has since started "playing about" with Wargames Factory hard plastic figures.

Read what the Duke of Wargaming has to say about them at the site.

The next (11th!) hard plastic 28mm set is almost with us! This time we are backing up the Germanic hordes with cavalry. 12 horses and riders including command with loads of weapons and options as usual!

Available soon for $19.95 in gaming stores everywhere.

We welcome a new member to the Factory team this week - Lonnie Mullins!

Lonnie will be heading up Sales and Retailer relations and is no stranger to wargaming with 9 years at a wargames company you might have heard about...

"Meet" him HERE.

Miniature painting: header image and Romans - Steve Dake (photography by Don Nelson), Vikings and Ancient German Cavalry by Andres Amian Fernandez, Ancient Germans by Igwarg Miniatures.

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