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There's a LOT going on at the Factory this week with the release of - count them - THREE new hard plastic 28mm sets!

The Shock Troops - the first of a new, ongoing Science Fiction line has become our best selling set in pre-release! The set features 18 heavily armed and armored future warriors ready to battle everything from Zombies to Weird War 2 Allies to the nations of the Alien Suns universe!

And, true to our historical roots, we have two new sets to expand our new Dark Ages range - Hammer of the Gods. Saxon Thegns and Saxon Fyrd allow you to build a complete Saxon army by mixing and matching these two box sets!

Lots of new sets are in tooling as I type and we hope to start releasing 3 sets/month going forward with more SF, more historical (including adding to the existing 8 sets in our Might of Rome range, adding a new Ancients period, AND a new horse and musket period!) There will be plenty for everyone no matter what your interest!

As always, thanks so much for your support! We truly appreciate you!

All the best,

Tony and the Wargames Factory Team


The much-anticipated Shock Troops! Ready to unleash hell on your battlefield! 18 hard plastic multi-part figures with loads of weapons, heads, and command - $19.95.

Check out our still-running pre-release deals including 57 troops for $54 and 126 for $118!

Click here for all the details and to see the sprues and more painted figures!


Outfit your Dark Ages army with these two sets featuring both armored and unarmored warriors including standards, musicians, and command! Bows, axes, seaxs, swords, spears, and shields (including kite shields) are all included!

Available Now!

32 Saxon Thegns or Fyrd - $19.95! Click here.

Mick Farnworth has done it again with an exceptional guide that not only helps you paint your Vikings - but gives some incredible historical background along with modeling ideas for conversions!

This 16 page PDF is absolutely FREE and available by clicking here at

The Viking Huscarls (32 armored Vikings for $19.95) are our biggest selling historical figure set and we will be releasing Viking Bondi (32 unarmored Vikings) soon!


With the launch of the Shock Troops, we are also starting to lay the foundation for a fully realized SF universe - Alien Suns.

Set 400 years from now - Alien Suns features future realpolitik on an intergalactic scale with the nations of the Earth involved in a "land grab" for habitable planets and resources in hundreds of systems.

To get a taste of what's to come click here!

Just a bit of a taste of a new set that's in the works!

Sorry. We're just REALLY excited by Tim Barry's new sculpts which are the start of an entirely new range for us!


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Miniature painting: Andres Amian Fernandez and John Lyons

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